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The Problem

Too often, doctors fail to refer patients to best-value imaging sites. Patients don’t realize they have choice in where to go for care, or recognize that a better choice could be thousands of dollars cheaper. At a national scale, this leads to billions of dollars in overspending, as well as fewer patients getting medically necessary care. With Stroll, we help doctors and patients make effective choices towards better-value care.

Our Mission

Stroll endeavors to create a world where healthcare is simple, transparent, and personalized.

Our technology gives doctors the information needed to send patients to the best-fit imaging site. Stroll improves patient access to care with options personalized for their insurance plan, where the patient lives, and how much they can pay. Better value referrals help large fee-for-service systems improve revenue by bringing more patients back for care, and value-based systems deliver more cost-effective treatment.

Our Solution

Stroll enhances healthcare value by providing an integrated referral management application.  We enable systems and providers to improve patient outcomes by making flexible, timely, and lower cost imaging referrals.  Our application includes automatic insurance verification, out-of-pocket cost predictions, clinical decision support, prior authorization, real-time scheduling, and effective patient reminders. Unlike other consumer-facing portals, Stroll is designed to be used at hospitals and clinics. Patients trust their doctors to decide where they should get care, and we do too.

Stroll saves patients over 30% on imaging, and is simultaneously helping providers see an average of $4M of additional revenue per 200 physicians.

Meet the Team

Jordan Epstein

CEO & Founder

Jordan spent the early part of his career at Merced Systems (acquired by NICE) building enterprise software for healthcare titans like United Healthcare and Kaiser. He is a proud graduate of Carleton College, and prior to his tenure in the software game, spent time working as a geologist ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants.

Matt Maurer

COO & Founder

Matt likes shaping strategy and building systems. Prior to Stroll he worked at Spoke, building next-gen competitive intelligence tools for big business information mgmt. He is a graduate of UND, where he helped start the first-ever vc fund run by students. He is also a pilot, a musician, and a Minnesotan.

Brian Lambert

Software Engineering

Brian is an experienced web developer with a portfolio of feature ­rich web apps with a background in data analysis. He is always seeking to find a better solution to seemingly intractable problems. Beyond coding, he spent time researching various social welfare states in pursuit of his MA in Government and Public Policy at University of Arizona. His undergrad was at Carleton College.

Vincent Liu

Platform Architect

Vincent is a sharp and versatile backend engineer and IT manager. Along with being a quick learner and experienced solutions architect, Vincent keeps the technical trains running on time.

Ethan Silverman

Assistant Director of Business Development

Ethan is a “utility player” here at Stroll who yearns for the outdoors and enjoys researching how innovative technologies should operate within contemporary legal frameworks. He attended UC Berkeley as an undergrad and plans to continue his studies at The University of Virginia School of Law. Go Bears!

Sam Asin

Data Science & Analytics

Sam is a gifted data scientist who makes numbers and letters dance and sing at scale. He started his career at Navigant Economics building economic models for financial crisis and insider trading litigation, and later served as a research economist for the FHFA. He is a graduate of Pomona College.

Ryan Saeta

Software Engineering

Ryan is a young coder interested in solving big problems in healthcare, education, and the environment. With a huge ambition, equally matched by his talent, expect big and important things to develop under Ryan's purview.

Gail Gannon


Gail is an advisor for Stroll Health. She has spent over 20 years in the healthcare industry, with extensive end-to-end experience working with health care providers, hospitals, health plans, government and industry organizations (e.g. BIO International, TedMED, & Health 2.0). Her expertise sits at the intersection between biotech and digital health. Gail also serves as a business strategist and mentor for out of US companies via US Market Access (, along with serving as a business advisor to Mavericks Capital (

Gang Chen

Backend Engineering

As his initials (GC) explain, Gang is a garbage collector. He has collected untold volumes of valuable (or rather invaluable) knowledge and experience during his 15 years of service in software industry, and is still working on his collections.

Chandler Kowtko

Finance Director

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Chandler discovers and creates big opportunities. He has worked in operations and engineering departments at Martini Media (acquired by Evolve Media) and (acquired by Valassis) and as VP of Finance for his UC Berkeley fraternity chapter, where he overhauled a previously broken financial/operational structure and nearly doubled the chapter’s yearly budget. He has experience in Java, Python, data structures, and sorting algorithms. He is a drummer and former rower.

Misha Hindery

Assistant Director of Business Development

Misha is a true people person. He works tirelessly to expand Stroll’s network. As a Division I rower and full time student, he appreciates the meaning of hard work and incorporates that work ethic into everything he does. Growing up in Palo Alto, Misha picked up the entrepreneurial mentality -- think BIG. Misha likes nothing more than learning about what makes a company tick and is eager to make his name in the business world.

Interested in joining the team?

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Learn More

Stroll Health at Congress

Jordan Epstein, CEO of Stroll Health, was invited as an expert witness to testify to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology’s hearing about Stroll’s work in helping patients and physicians make value-based care decisions.

Other Accomplishments:

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant of six figures for Stroll to use its data and algorithms to explore health care pricing markets and related policy changes

  • Stanford Bases Product Competition winner for crowd favorite

  • Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Innovation Leader with letter of intent

  • Named Top People to Watch in Radiology by Diagnostic Imaging

  • SkyDeck team member

Healthcare is REALLY expensive.

Here are some facts to show why we do what we do to try and make healthcare more simple and affordable for everyone.

The Trend

In 2012, the total US healthcare costs reached $3 trillion, and it’s continued to increase since then.


The Rate

If the price of grocery items grew at the same rate as that of healthcare prices, how expensive would our grocery items be today? Turns out, if the price of eggs grew as quickly as healthcare costs since 1945, a dozen eggs would costs $55 today.


The Quality

We spend more than any other country, yet we aren’t as healthy as many other first-world countries.


The Hidden Truth

A more costly medical procedure doesn’t mean extra benefits or higher quality. Because of the lack in price transparency, few people know this fact.


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