Another Stroll Through Congress, This Time With AppCon

Another Stroll Through Congress, This Time With AppCon

At Stroll Health, we spend most of our time about how to make the healthcare industry better. As the first value-based clinical decision support app, we place giving patients the best-value experience above all else, and we focus on price transparency, interoperability, and physician-patient communication.  

That’s why Stroll headed to Washington, D.C last week with the ACT | The App Association’s App Economy Conference. We did what Stroll Health does best – promoting an efficient health care marketplace where better value drives more volume, and cost-effective care is the standard. Together with the other members of the Association, we met with more than 150 members of Congress, and members from HHS, OCR, FTC, FCC, the White House and more. Together with the help of our nation’s top elected officials and your support, we can reduce the cost of America’s health care.



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