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Why are patients not completing their tests?

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1 out of 4 imaging referrals go uncompleted.

33% of non-adherence results from a lack of engagement with the patient

Patients typically spend 55 minutes making an informed appointment for imaging

 1 out of 3

Americans have put off medical care because of cost

How does Stroll solve the problem?

Stroll’s fully electronic, all-in-one application saves time and improves patient follow-through.


Value-Driven Data

Patients and doctors see out of pocket costs and quality metrics to make better value referrals.


Prior Authorization

Automatically obtain authorizations from the insurer without logging into RBM or payer portals.


Real-Time Scheduling

Instantly view day and time availability at each facility.


Patient Reminders

Patients receive automated reminders on their mobile device.


Direct Image Transfer

Images and reports go directly into EHR via HL7, making results easier to access, store, view, and share.


EHR Integration

Integration available with all EHRs. Stand-alone web portal also available.

Clinical Decision Support

Appropriate use criteria built into ordering workflow.

Referral Analytics
Track the efficiency and effectiveness of imaging referrals through real time analytics.

The Stroll Advantage

Patients expect choice. Close the loop on their referrals. Retain and grow marketshare.

Value Based


The premium paid on imaging tests when referred without using Stroll



The lost follow-on revenue per year in a 200-provider system.

I spend more time explaining to my patients why I don’t know how much something costs than the time it would take to just show them with Stroll.

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David Loftus
Stanford Healthcare

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